#366 – Murray Rose Pool, NSW

This is really touch and go as to whether it counts as a pool (according to my own very tight guidelines). But I reckoned the two fixed floating platforms provided enough of a hard surface from which to do laps, and the location is stunning, so off I went.

Nestled in Double Bay, these baths are simply beautiful. The harbour is cleaner than ever, the beach is also, and the magnificent, enormous fig trees stretch up and out over the water. And believe it or not, you’re right in the middle of Sydney.

God bless Australia!

Location here

#367 – Austinmer South, NSW

A wild and windy day. It was Easter and I remember two buses filled with Japanese tourists had parked at the beach and offloaded their guests, all of whom were wearing jumpers and scarves. They struggled around on the sand taking photos of each other while I tried to sneak into the background in my Speedos.

I thought of handing out my 1000pools.com promo cards and explaining that they were witnessing history – but instead I let my swimming do the talking (or miming).

Note on the map there are two ocean pools side by side at Austinmer. I have yet to conquer the northern one.

Location here

IMG_0493 2

#368 – Gungahlin, ACT

I was born in Canberra and when I left home at age 17 there was no Gungahlin. In fact,  I still wasn’t sure I believed in it, but then I heard there was a new pool there. The GPS took me into strange, hitherto unknown territory.

The facility is beautiful – 50m indoors with tall windows facing to the north-east and nice kiddies pool. Highly recommended.

Location here


#369 – Bulahdelah, NSW

I took two days to drive from Sydney to Brisbane with three kids (Lynne was working) and Bulahdelah was Pool #1 on the trip. I have never visited a facility where there was no staff – not one. A simple gate let one gain access and then, well, do what you like really. I had the change rooms to myself. We had the BBQ area to ourselves. And of course I had the pool to myself.

It was cold. It’s not heated, but I’ve swum colder. The whole experience was a bit surreal. Bulahdelah isn’t exactly the most bustling of towns, but to wander around a council-run pool where the closest person is 500m away playing lawn bowls, well, it all felt a little strange.

Nice pool though.

Location here


#370 – Macksville, NSW

Small town on the mid-north coast with a very nice pool. 25m indoor and 50m outdoor (which had closed for winter the previous week).

My family had it to ourselves.

Location here


Aquatic Regards, The PorpoisePorpoise blue for map

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