The USA – State by State

Blue states are conquered (click the map to see each pool – New York City is pretty busy, as we lived there for two years). I only need to swim one pool per state in order to conquer it.

The states (in conquered order) are:

1. California
2. New York
3. New Jersey
4. District of Columbia (not a State as such, but also not part of Maryland)
5. Florida
6. Utah
7. Idaho
8. Montana
9. Wyoming
10. South Dakota

11. Nebraska
12. Colorado
13. Pennsylvania
14. Maryland
15. Virginia
16. Connecticut
17. Massachusetts
18. Rhode Island
19. Michigan
20. Ohio

21. Indiana
22. Illinois
23. South Carolina
24. Georgia
25. Alabama
26. Mississippi
27. Lousiana
28. Nevada
29. Arizona

I may well be over half way to conquering all 50 states (plus DC) however, as I no longer live in the US, those last 21 states are going to prove difficult to tick off. I don’t use the term irksome much, but there’s no other word for it. It’s exceedingly irksome I never got to Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas.

I have a dream, though.

One day, the conquered western states will link up with the conquered eastern states (and the northern with the southern, too) and a great blue tide will flow across the land.

Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas: you are in my sights.

Porpoise blue for mapThe Porpoise

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