Yamba pano

Driving from Sydney to Queensland brought a whole slew of unconquered pools into my sights. I didn’t waste the opportunity.

#371 – Yamba Ocean Pool, NSW

The sea was wild the day I headed – with the kids – to Yamba. But the city beach is about as well-sheltered as a beach can be with steep cliffs on all sides. The pool was, while not quite a millpond, perfectly navigable.

There are very few ocean pools north of Sydney, less than a dozen I reckon. They are always a wonderful pleasure.

Location here

Yamba 1

#372 – Newmarket, Qld

Beautiful 50m pool which I swam one Sunday morning. My hosts, the Roses, took care of the kids for me so I could swim at my leisure.

These creatures – who sprout water from their faces – are part of the kiddie pool area which was deserted for some reason. They’re not disturbing at all.

Location here


#373 – Noosa Pacific, Qld

I’ve been coming to Noosa since I was fifteen or so. There’s nowhere like it. Every part of the town, the river, the national park, is gorgeous. Noosa Pacific overlooks the Noosa River north to the Coloured Sands and beyond to Fraser Island.

In Australia, I tend to eschew hotel and resort pools, but one night, as the sun faded and the blue pool lights came on, I thought, ‘Why not?’ I had the pool to myself. I blazed the k away. It was effortless.

I encourage you to click this ‘Location’ link and zoom out to see the magic that is Noosa.


#374 – Coffs Harbour, NSW

Light drizzle. It never effects the swimmer, of course, but it doesn’t do much for the post-swim photography. My apologies.

Coffs Harbour really should have a pool in the shape of a banana (I’d like the challenge of following the long curve with that) but of course, it doesn’t. Instead, there’s a perfectly serviceable 50m pool and another 25m indoors which the kids used while I set about conquering.

Location here


#375 – Black Head ocean pool, NSW

This ocean pool is a beauty. It faces due East on the South end of the beach and there are change rooms a short walk away underneath the Surf Club.

Black Head’s off the Pacific Highway about 15 minutes. But it’s worth the drive. My wife and kids watched dolphins in the bay while I powered back and forth.

Location here


Porpoise blue for map

Aquatic Regards, The Porpoise

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