The Pool Maps

These are living, breathing things. Each pool shimmers as I swim across it, then settles and stills. I pop a blue porpoise on it and bid it farewell for, as you well know, I rarely return.

The maps are simple to read. Here’s what the colours refer to:

Porpoise blue for mapBlue porpoise = conquered pool

Porpoise red for mapRed porpoise = unconquered pool

Porpoise black for mapBlack porpoise = a deceased pool,
i.e, one that is conquered, but no longer exists. Tragic, no?

Porpoise purple for mapPurple porpoise = a Top 5 pool

Porpoise brown for mapBrown porpoise = a Not Top 5 pool

Porpoise gold for mapGold porpoise = one of the Top 5 unconquered pools in the world (found on the International map)


Where it all began (and still continues, obviously)

Sydney, NSW

Surely, the swimming capital of the world.

Over 120 pools – ocean pools, harbour pools, river pools, chlorine and ozone, indoor and outdoor – from Palm Beach in the north to Engadine in the south and west to the  Blue Mountains.

Sydney pools - link - 1000 pools

Wollongong, NSW

A thin coastal strip running south from Sydney. Some of Australia’s most spectacular ocean pools – 13 in all – are found here.

From Helensburgh in the north to Albion Park and Shell Harbour in the south.

Newcastle and Central Coast, NSW

North from Sydney along the Pacific Highway up the coast.

A nice collection of ocean pools and, in Newcastle area at least, large numbers of clean Olympic size pools.

Canberra, ACT

The nation’s capital with just over a dozen pools. No ocean pools, obviously, or river pools and none in the lake yet. Thankfully.

Canberra is the home of the deceased pool. I’ve swum 2 and know of a 3rd. RIP

South East Queensland

The second highest concentration of swimming pools outside of Sydney. But then it’s Queensland, so you’d expect that.

This map covers the Gold Coast north to Brisbane and further north to Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

The rest of New South Wales

Outside of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong there are over 100 more pools scattered across this fabulous state.

A great pool-building craze swept our country after the war. One by one, they will be mine.

Canberra pools - link - 1000pools

SE queensland pools - link - 1000pools

NSW pools - link 1000pools


New York City

Approximately 70 pools spread across 5 boroughs.

The USA – state by state from sea to shining sea

Every state in is my sights. They all have pools and I am a determined man.

USA state by state link - 1000 pools

Porpoise - mini pool

nb: New York City has another icon: the rare blue and yellow porpoise. These denote mini-pools – city run pools that are often situated next to a basketball court, or playground, and are really only for kids and their parents. A serious lap swimmer wouldn’t consider using one, but they’re there and they’re swimmable, and I have three kids, so … I regret to say I never swam one.


Too many countries (and currencies) to count. But all I care about is the pools.

The rest of the world

A fairly broad category, I acknowledge. Currently, not impressive at all, but wait. Just wait.

European pools - link - 1000pools


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